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BSG - Deadlock

Posted by Skye |

Episode 418 - Deadlock:

Ellen is faced with a decision that could have repercussions for humans and the future of the entire Cylon race.

Here we go again with the major decision that will split the fleet....again. I know liberal writers tend to be compulsive greeniacs, but for fraks sake, how many trees did they save by recycling BSG plot points?

Will Anders regain his memories or will his program be reset - All this has happened before and will happen again..

Is Daniel Kara's dad? Or is Daniel really Zak Adama? The final two episodes list the character of Zak Adama in their credits. Hmmmm....

Attention spoiler-phobes, I am a spoiler junkie. I would avoid the comment section if I were you.

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