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WebLog Awards 2008 - Skye's Picks

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Okay, I've voted in the 2008 Weblog awards and decided to post my recommendations for votes in this prestigious election. I'm not talking about any Hopey-Changey election nonsense, just my two cents on who you should vote for in the 2008 Weblog Awards:

Best Blog: HotAir

Best New Blog: Uppity Women 08

Best Individual Blogger: Melissa Clouthier

Best Humor: IMAO

Best Comic Strip: Day By Day

Best Conservative Blog: Atlas Shrugs

Best Political Coverage: American Thinker

Best Celebrity Blogger: Will Wheaton

Best Tech Blog: TechCrunch

Best Military Blog: This Ain't Hell

Best Law Blog: Volokh Conspiracy

Best Business Blog: A Smart Bear

Best LGBT: Gay Patriot

Best Pet Blog: F*** You Penguin!

Best Science Blog: What's Up With That

Best Medical/Health Issues Blog: NONE - Read CDC instead.

Best Food Blog: Epicurious

Best Blog Design: Shots on the House

Best Photo Blog: Snapped Shot

Best Culture Blog: Art of Manliness

Best Literature Blog: An Elegant Variation

Best Fashion Blog: Manolo's Shoe Blog

Best Travel Blog: The Lost Girls

Best Canadian Blog: Five Feet Of Fury

Best Euro Blog: Non Pasaran

Best Australian Blog: Tim Blair

Best Major Blog: Instapundit

Best Very Large Blog: Right Wing News

Best Large Blog: Fausta's Blog

Best Midsize Blog: Betsy's Page

Best Small Blog: Pirate's Cove

Best Up and Coming: Dizzying Intellect

You can vote once every 24 hours, polls close on January 13th at 5pm (EST)

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