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Dear Mr. Quisling-President

Posted by Skye |

Pepsi is sponsoring a 'Dr. Mr Quisling President' video homages.

All videos should begin with the words Dear Mr. President and end with your first name and where you are from.

What you put in between is up to you. You can sing, dance, tell a joke—whatever reflects your hope and optimism for the future. Have fun with it. When your video is ready, upload it here. The best and most popular videos will be featured on this site.

I've some advice for the quisling-elect and I have a sweet HD video camera. This would be a great opportunity for conservatives to send a message to THAT MAN. Somehow, I don't believe they would see the light of the Pepsi YouTube channel, but it would be fun nonetheless!

UPDATE: LT Nixon shares his thoughts on "Dear Mr. President":

H/T: Sean Hackbarth

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