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Sunday with Ferris

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A Sunday morning is not complete without Sundays with Sinatra on the radio and a copy of Back Channels written by Kevin Ferris.

Yes, I do listen to Sinatra.

Today's topic on Back Channels: Historic plan, or old wish list

Drew: Hi, I'm Drew Carey, and welcome to an on-location edition of The Price Is Right, where we're about to re-create some old TV game show magic.

Back in the day, contestants, armed with nothing more than a shopping cart and their greed, would be let loose in a supermarket, stuffing anything they could into their carts or pants. To revive that spirit, we're here at the Washington Piggly-Wiggly, sometimes called the Capitol, to watch the economic-stimulus package come together.

Behind Shopping Cart No. 1 is Nancy from San Francisco. And manning Shopping Cart No. 2, Barney from Massachusetts. Are you ready, contestants? Go!

A humorous snippet, indeed. You can read the rest of this exchange HERE. When I say this is amusing article, I am NOT stating that Kevin Ferris is amusing. Let us be clear on that issue.

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