H/T: American Sheepdogs.

With a lineage stretching back to this nation's struggle for independence, the 56th Styker Brigade prepares to continue this tradition of excellence in Iraq.

The Bulletin, in partnership with Tastykake Baking Co., the Liberty USO of Philadelphia and South Jersey and the National Bible Association, would like to extend best wishes to the soldiers of Philadelphia’s own elite 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) of the 28th (Keystone) Division, Pennsylvania National Guard during their mission in Iraq.

In recognition of their service, Tastykake is furnishing Tastykake cakes and pies to members of the 56th as they leave from McGuire Air Force Base, N.J.; Liberty USO will be hosting a send-off; and the National Bible Society is providing Bibles to any member who wants one.

“We appreciate the offer from Tastykake to donate up to 4000 Tastykakes to the deploying soldiers of the 56th Stryker Brigade,” said Gen. Wesley Craig, the interim CEO of Liberty USO. “I can tell you that Tastykakes are the most popular food item we offer at (the USO center at the Philadelphia International Airport) and Ft Dix/McGuire (USO Center).”

The Bibles were furnished by the American Bible Society. Philadelphia was named the National Bible City by the Nat. Bible Assoc. for this year. Events are organized around the city featuring the Bible.
It is fitting that the Pennsylvania's first citizen militia will be part of the creation of the world's youngest democracy.

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