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Sunday with Ferris

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Who knew Kevin Ferris had a sense of humor? Funny but accurate humor.

Somewhere in Hollywood:

Producer: OK, Mr. Moore, let's hear the pitch.

Michael Moore: You'll love this. I call it a tragi-comic-docu-romance-musical sequel, Chicago II: The Story of Rod Blagojevich. And we don't even have to write new songs. The old ones fit perfectly.

P: A political musical? I don't know. . .

MM: No, wait. Hear me out. We open with an overhead shot of the governor's mansion, zooming in through the window to the big hair guy's office. He's standing on his desk, singing to the staff:

Ask any of the chickies in my pen

I love 'em all and all of them love me

Because the system works

The system called reciprocity. . .

You can read the rest of this brilliance HERE

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