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The Organized Blogger

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Does such a creature exist?

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the day embarking on what I had thought was a quick clean up. One shelving unit, two file cabinets, one desk chair and 3 picture frames later I was finally able to start putting everything back together.

My den/office over the past few months had slowly become a disorganized disaster. The last straw came this past Friday when I had to step over three piles of books before clearing my desk in order to find my keyboard. Not good at all. I have many projects coming up in 2009 and need an effective work area.

I took a look at the storage in the room itself and realized that as much as I needed more space, the storage available was not being used effectively. Books should be placed on the bookshelf, not on the floor. Looking around, I had to ask why do I still hold onto a modem that was last used in 2003 or a backpack last used 10 years ago?

Several hours and two Strongbow Ciders later, I reorganized both bookshelves, my CD, DVD, and VHS collections, hung posters that have been sitting in storage tubes for years, and trashed a bewildering variety of things that I've held on for no discernible reason.

It is nice to blog in a room with organized bookshelves, a CD, DVD and VHS collection within easy reach, and Maxfield Parrish posters adorning the walls. There is a feeling of Feng Shui about this newly reorganized room. Now that the den/office is reorganized, I can set my sights on reorganizing the GOP in my area.

Oh, I need to find a place to hang this poster, it was a gift, any suggestions?

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