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Thanksgiving 2008

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We should be thankful everyday instead of setting aside one day to let our thankfulness flag fly - Skye

In the troublesome years ahead, what we are thankful for today will be the rock that supports us in the coming storms.

I am thankful for the opportunity this year to welcome my niece, Ava Grace, into the family. She is a gift and I look forward to watching her grow and blossom into a beautiful and intelligent woman - just like her Auntie.

I am grateful for the opportunity to provide a forever home for McCain (Buster) and Abby. He fits into the family as if he has always been a part of it. I'm thankful for the 14 years Peaches shared with us before crossing the Bridge this past summer.

It has been a honor to work with and befriend the members of the Sheepdog family. I'm constantly inspired by the noble character, pure talent and joyfulness of this band of patriots. These remarkable Americans have been the perfect foil in exposing the crass hypocrisy of the Chester County Prison Movement (CCPM). Letting the Sheepdogs into my life has made me a better person.

THANK YOU GOV. SARAH PALIN! She is the epitome of grace, a leader and a role model for real women worldwide. Thank you for exposing the misogynists masquerading as feminists. I look forward to watching you grow into a political powerhouse that will shatter that glass ceiling and bring a real feminist to the White House.

Thank You Michael Steele for stepping up to the plate and running for the vacant RNC Chairman seat - it has been vacant for years!

I've had remarkable blogging opportunities in 2008 that seemed almost unattainable for a chick blogger from Philly. CPAC, PLC and the RNC Convention in St. Paul offered me the chance to meet and befriend some truly talented bloggers while I gained in depth knowledge of the political landscape. Even more remarkable is the fact that I managed to cover all these events without tax payer support, unlike the mayor of my city. I am still pleased to be selected as a member of the Flopping Aces Posse and a contributor to Right Wing News.

I am thankful to all my blogging/media buddies, old and new. You are a constant source of inspiration and knowledge for me. Same goes to the fabulous commentators on this blog!

The more I reflect on this, the more grateful I am for living in America and taking full advantage of the opportunities that have come my way this year.

From my family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving!

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