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The Genesis of a Comback

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Patrick Ruffini, a blogger that I follow on Twitter has penned a critical post mortem of the Great Mistake in 08. I heartily agree with his assessment of the election cycle and the technological road to recovery conservatives must travel.

"Another problem is that conservative bloggers are there to provide you with their opinion. The new pillars of left-wing media are there to provide you with information, such as that on the U.S. attorney firings. Recognizing that page A1 of any newspaper usually trumps the op-ed page in setting the agenda, these outlets have fashioned themselves as dispensers of information — information usually helpful to the Left and its candidates.

This is because TPM, ThinkProgress, and the Huffington Post are all full-time operations employing reporters, whereas conservative blogs usually run the work of amateur or part-time writers. When conservative bloggers are full-time, they are generally commentators and not reporters.

It goes without saying that Republicans’ problems go far beyond their use — or relative non-use — of technology. The netroots and the Obama campaign succeeded primarily because the Internet is a medium tailor-made for insurgents. But now that Republicans are on the outs at all levels of government, they will need the Internet as a tool of opposition. Failure to grab hold of it could signal a long, long winter to come."

Comparing Ruffini's essay to the makeup of MidnightBlue, I can honestly say that I've not used this blog to consistently produce conservative information over opinion. My political outlook is a sensible center-right, as reflected in numerous posts on MidnightBlue. In addition, I've used my digital home on the web to advertise other interests and ideas outside of the political realm.

This blog will always be a work in progress, adopting new technology as it emerges onto the internet scene and will always be ready to lead the tech charge of a conservative 'insurgency'.

Bring it.

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