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Sunday with Ferris

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I knew the day would happen when I respectfully disagreed with the opinion put forth in a Back Channels column.

I remember well Election Night 1994. Republicans were taking over Congress for the first time since 1948. The Cuomos of the political world were exiting, the Santorums coming in.

A worried colleague said, "The fascists have taken over."

Then, two weeks ago, a friend compared this year's Democratic gains to the rise of Hitler in the 1930s.

See? Unity. He who is not with me politically is a Nazi

As much as I respect the opinion of Kevin Ferris, as documented on this blog. He has misunderstood the context of the statement made by his friend. She is absolutely correct in her observation, and it has nothing to do with unity, but everything to do with truth.

On November 4, 2008 history repeated itself.

Anyone paying the modicum of attention these past eight years has heard of the oft repeated mantras such as "Bush is a Nazi" or "Republicans are Nazi's". Childish statements like these stifle debate and distort the real meaning of what Nazism or the National Socialist German Worker's Party (NSDAP) 25 demands represents.

What are the 25 Demands? The Demands were the guiding principles of the NSDAP similar to the modern day platform of the Democrat party. You can read the list of demands HERE.

Now compare the DNC platform and Obama's campaign promises to the 25 Demands and you begin to see similarities. Universal Healthcare? Check! Nationalization of industries? Hello Bailout Bill! Centralized government? Check! Wealth redistribution? Hello, Joe The Plumber!

Using economic fears (The Great Depression) and bullying tactics by the SA, an early incarnation of this election cycle's Truth Squads, the NSDAP rose to a bullet proof majority in 5 years.

How does this historical review play out in the 2008 election? Bear in mind all that I have presented when you read the following:

The November revolution, the revolution of the Jews and the Marxist party-rabble have delivered you into the hands of the international loan capitalism. For years you have sweated so that the State can pay the interest on the loan capital. You are damned for all eternity to be wage slaves, if you don't demand: (1) The Nationalization of the banks and the money economy. (2) The abolition of interest-exploiters and Stock Exchange speculators. (3) The abolition of share capital.
Sound familiar?

Replace the NSDAP with an Obama 'O' and it is the same campaign lines. We have already witnessed the nationalization of our banking industry, the same is about to happen to our automobile industry. If Maxine Waters had her way, our oil industry would be nationalized as well. We are actually having discussions about funding a national youth service corp.

More historical observations can be found on Atlas Shrugs

The author's friend was making a succinct point in her statement. The democrats have embraced many of the positions of the NSDAP and used nearly identical rhetoric to capture votes. It is not about political opposition, it is about proper labeling. The term "nazi" has been misused for 8 years and now it can finally be applied appropriately.

If the goal is for the GOP to come back stronger than before, it needs to understand the agenda powering the opposition. Also, we need to select Michael Steele as RNC Chairman and grow a grassroots network.

Just my 2 cents.


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