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Farewell PA Coal Crackers

Posted by Skye |

Youza! It is getting colder instead of warmer! I want a refund on my carbon credit purchase! The EPA is blocking the development of 100 Coal-fueled power plants to combat global warming. Someone needs to email them this data...

In other related news:

First comes the audio of a radio interview Obama gives in San Fran this past January discussing bankrupting the coal industry:

He didn't need to act on this, on Thursday the EPA moved to block construction on 100 new coal-fueled power plants. This action will be devastating to Pennsylvania and her fragile economy. A quick look at PA's nuclear energy stats reveal Pennsylvania is 2nd among 31 states in the nation with nuclear capacity.

Note that over half the electricity generated by the state of Pennsylvania is generated by coal-fueled power plants.

No new Coal fueled power plants plus a president that intends on bankrupting the existing coal industry equals a full blown energy disaster. How are we to break our dependence of foreign oil if we destroy the means to produce our own energy products?

This is just more fallout from the Great Mistake of 2008...

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