6:55 PM

Rescue Update

Posted by Skye |

McCain, the newest addition to the family is settling in just fine. It is a joy to have the opportunity to give this dog a forever home. He quickly adjusted to the routine I had established for Tiny. At home, he is my shadow always looking for an ear scratch or a chance to play tug-o-war with his rope. Why anyone would abandon this dog is mystifying. Must be one of the effects of the devastating economic environment we are all living in.

I plan to have him microchipped - he will never be lost again. 

Tiny, however, is busy showing McCain who is top dog. I'm seeing sides of this dog that I've never seen before. Who knew under all the adorable layers of fluffiness lurked Cujo! Lately, she is has become a bully, snapping at the new dog in order to steal his toys. 

However, her fluffy cuteness lends itself to her getting away with it! Luckily for her, McCain is quite the gentleman and lets her steal his toys. 

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