10:06 PM

All Hail Tropic Diver

Posted by Skye |

Tropic Diver is an extraordinary photographer I've known since my previous incarnation over at VirtualTourist. I have admired his photography for years and would like to introduce him to my readership, especially my Nikon buddies. 

Through the years, he always had time to answer my numerous questions regarding Canon cameras and lenses. On one occasion he saved me from an unscrupulous online camera store. I cannot thank him enough for that save!  His photos continue to amaze and inspire me, a gift I want to share with you. 

You can view his work on Flickr and on his website.

I strongly suggest that my Nikon buddies  go have a look at Tropic Divers work. You might find his work educational.  Always know that I love you both, regardless of your choice of camera. 

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