This week, I've placed the group photo of the Sheepdogs Blue Star Moms at the top of this post. It is to honor the women who are part of the sisterhood of Blue Star Moms. An elegant Cindy McCain, in a rally in Downingtown Pennsylvania, spoke about the sisterhood of Blue Star moms. During her speech, she pointed to a Blue Star mom in the audience who just happens to be a member of the American Sheepdogs.

Below is the video of the rally where Cindy McCain points out Mary Lou:

A few months ago, I put together a video describing what it means to be a Sheepdog. Mary Lou's statement speaks volumes to the strength and resolve of Blue Star Moms:

The Sheepdogs never disappoint when it comes to new and creative signs. This week was no exeception! Enjoy the Sheepdog picspam:

The Group Shot: Have I told you lately how proud I am of each and every one of you?

This woman is a dynamo - with her 'USA' sign and a rosary in her pocket!

Country First. Any Questions?

It is not a rally without Scrapple!

Hey, buddy can you spare some 'Change'?

24 fan in the house! To clarify, I do not work for the CTU as it does not exist in real life, it is just TV show.

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