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When Joe Lieberman talks about courage, people pay attention.

For good reason. There's probably been no greater act of political courage in recent years than the appearance of the Democrat-turned-Independent at the Republican convention in support of his friend John McCain. And it took guts to repeatedly refuse to vote with Democrats on an Iraq withdrawal timeline.

Lieberman has paid a price for his stands, and more paybacks could come in January from Democrats in the Senate. But this month, his focus is on Nov. 4, backing McCain in media appearances and at rallies in battleground states.


Lieberman's conclusion:

"The different approach between Senators McCain and Obama could not be more stark," Lieberman said. "McCain was not just right, but courageous. He went against public opinion in the middle of a presidential campaign."

Lieberman's experience resounds with the democrat who writes on this blog. At the RNC convention, I experienced condescension followed by derision from media-ites when I told them I was a Dem blogger supporting McCain/Palin. However, I never let the bastids get me down, and the experience of attending a convention was something I will never forget.

Who ever said the right thing to do will always be the popular thing to do....NO ONE!

Don Bendell finds a Kryptonite Analogy for McCain:

Senator John McCain who is known, even by his enemies to never break his word, has stated emphatically that he will as President initiate a spending freeze on all but the most critical fed-spending his first year in office, will veto any and every bill with any pork barrel spending added to it and make its author famous for proposing it, and will cut even more taxes, thus creating jobs.

On the other hand, Senator Obama says the same mantra that every democrat has ever campaigned on, that he will give massive tax breaks to the middle class. People still believe the line even after Jimmy Carter, LBJ, and others. With us in a horrible recession, Senator Obama has spoken about spending lots of money, and his hidden little tip-off words when he speaks also indicate spending even more than he lets on, and his record alone shows he will. He is the rated as the most liberal person in the US Congress. That is based on his actual performance, not his words.


He and we would be better off if he pursued the career he seems best suited for, “America’s finest used car salesman.” No kidding; Nobama.

Yeah, it is all about this issues for people voting Obama...

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