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Skye and Friends

Posted by Skye |

My dear readers and lurkers:

I am taking a brief break from blogging on MidnightBlue to focus on a super-secret video project that landed in my lap today. With any luck this project will be completed by Friday. Yes, I will tell you about it...on Saturday.

Until then, I've invited three of the best and the brightest bloggers around to keep you informed, entertained and dazzled by their brilliance.

As you know, I prefer to surround myself with brilliance and brawn!

Jonn Lilyea - creator of the brilliant blog - This Ain't Hell - he has a sharp intelligence and quick wit that draws admirers from far and wide.

TSO - a contributer at This Ain't Hell and The Sniper, TSO is a brilliant blogger, who with my guidance, is cultivating an appreciation for fine art.

Al Hubbard's Copilot - This guy is a walking treasure trove of knowlege who strikes fear in the marrow of left-wing nutroots.

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