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Obama locks up another constituency

Posted by Jayne Cobb's Hat (Artist fka TSO) |

Posted this yesterday, but the more I reflect on it, the more worried I become. We have no idea how many there are in the voting block, where they will land, or how many of them ACORN will get to.

Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) October 17, 2008 -- According to Prophet Yahweh: Sometime before Nov. 11, 2008, more than likely before the presidential elections, and possibly on October 31, 2008, at approximately 12 noon, spaceships will start appearing, on my summons request, and hover over my school for all Las Vegans and media to see and film.

He goes on to say that: My UFO Summoning School is located by one of Las Vegas' housing projects in the middle of the ghetto. There I teach people the ancient art of summoning or calling down UFO's and spaceships on-command.

In anticipation of the spaceships' descent, Prophet is planning to install live, Internet broadcast streaming capability at his school. He is doing this so people, worldwide, can see him call down the spaceships on Oct. 31, 2008, exactly at 12 noon, and the spaceships that appear for the entire time they sit up in the sky.

"YAHWEH wants people to know that if Barak Obama does not become President, America will quickly be led into a war with Russia via Iran that will result in: a cut off of oil from the Persian Gulf, a great depression, stock market crash, runaway inflation, devaluation of the dollar, food shortages, riots, famine, race wars, out breaks of disease, etc."

The man is sketchy on the date, but oddly specific about it being around 12 noon. Those Aliens must be late risers, eh?

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