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VFF: I Am The Surge

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Vets For Freedom did not ask me to post this video:

They did ask This Ain't Hell, who I am HatTipping for this video.

VFF had this to say regarding their new video:

Our new television advertisement features powerful testimony from three veterans of the Surge in Iraq. We now have a strategy for success in Iraq. General Petraeus' new counter-insurgency strategy is working to create a safer Iraq and a safer America.

The Surge worked, but you wouldn't know it from Senator Obama's comments. We have documented his unwillingness to acknowledge America's successful strategy here.

We invite you to read Senator Obama's thoughts on our current winning strategy and then call his office at (202) 224-2854 and ask him to support Senate Resolution 636, a bi-partisan resolution in the United State Senate sponsored by Senators Lieberman and Graham.
Required reading after you view the video:

Pete Hegseth: Loving the Troops, Hating the Mission

Here is a scruffy Pete reporting from the Golden Mosque,Samarra, Iraq:

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