Inspired by the 2005 World Tribunal:

Fox News Reports:

Aug. 26: In this photo released by the Iraqi police, a girl suspected of being a suicide bomber is seen handcuffed to railings in a street in Baqouba.

Iraqi police released dramatic photos of a teenage girl who apparently was ready to blow herself up in front of a school in Baqouba.

When police approached her outside the school Sunday afternoon, she was crying and gave no indication she knew about the explosives she was wearing under her colorful robes.

The girl, who identified herself as Rania, told police that she was wearing a vest — which turned out to be packed with 33 pounds of explosives — and that two women, perhaps her husband's relatives, had told her to wait outside the school. She said her husband personally had fitted her for the vest.
This child and her husband are rising up against an oppressive force, school children. Killing these children is the most effective way to drive away the US and Coalition 'occupiers' - don't you know? If that is the case, can we attribute this attempt at 'liberation' to the NION's in West Chester?

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