Connect the dots, folks:

An investigation by the U.S. Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) names Venezuelan diplomat Ghazi Nasr al Din and Venezuelan-Arab businessman Fawzi Kanan as key links between the two.

"It is extremely troubling to see the government of Venezuela employing and providing safe harbor for Hezbollah facilitators and fundraisers," said Adam Szubin, political affairs director of OFAC.

Mr. al Din has served as charge d'affaires at the Venezuelan Embassy in Syria and as director of political affairs at the embassy in Lebanon.

The Treasury Department made the accusations in a June 18 statement, which summarized an investigation of Venezuelan-registered businesses that are thought to be laundering money for Hezbollah.

VFP Luv's Chavez


[Peace] Thanks for Yesterday's 5th Anniversay Vigil, Folks

Veterans for Peace who turned out - coming from far and wide. I have to say that I think this moved me the most. I could hardly go around meeting them, it was so emotional for me (and please pass this e-mail on to them, those of you in contact with them). THEY know what we're all about more than anyone else.

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