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Monday Quick Bites

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1. Buh-bye Global Warming:

John Hawkins of RWN had the fabulous opportunity to interview Denis Avery, co-author of
Unstoppable Global Warming: Every 1500 years.

Here is just a taste of the brilliance:

Another thing I have noticed is that even the global warming alarmists were right: the solutions that they're suggesting don't come close to fixing the problems. Kyoto, these cap and trade schemes, they are really expensive and actually do very little to reduce greenhouse gasses. Any thoughts on that?

They're really talking about going back to the Great Depression. Nobody has a car, nobody could afford the fuel if they had a car. They're talking about living a hundred yards from the factory, except there isn't going to be a factory because there is not going to be any coal burning to power it. No nuclear power, no drilling for oil, no hope.

I just want to remind you that there are millions of people in the Third World, women and children, heating and cooking with cow manure, firewood that they gather off the mountainside. The air pollution in some of those areas is equal to a 2 pack a day cigarette habit....If there's no kerosene, no propane, no nuclear electricity, are we all going to be in that situation?

You can read all about it HERE.

2. President Bush lifts an executive ban on off shore drilling. It is about time, Mr. President! These are proven reserves, why would a democratically-controlled Congress deny US citizens this precious resource?

To reduce pressure on prices we must continue to implement good conservation policies, and we need to increase the supply of oil, especially here at home. For years, my administration has been calling on Congress to expand domestic oil production. Unfortunately, Democrats on Capitol Hill have rejected virtually every proposal -- and now Americans are paying at the pump. When members of Congress were home over the Fourth of July recess, they heard a clear message from their constituents: We need to take action now to expand domestic oil production.

One of the most important steps we can take to expand American oil production is to increase access to offshore exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf, or what's called the OCS. But Congress has restricted access to key parts of the OCS since the early 1980s. Experts believe that these restricted areas of the OCS could eventually produce nearly 10 years' worth of America's current annual oil production. And advances in technology have made it possible to conduct oil exploration in the OCS that is out of sight, protects coral reefs and habitats, and protects against oil spills. Last month, I asked Congress to lift this legislative ban and allow the exploration and development of offshore oil resources. I committed to lift an executive prohibition on this exploration if Congress did so, tailoring my executive action to match what Congress passed. It's been almost a month since I urged Congress to act -- and they've done nothing. They've not moved any legislation.

And as the Democratically-controlled Congress has sat idle, gas prices have continued to increase.

3. What we can reasonably expect from a Democrat in the White House:

4. The bloody consequences of cutting and running from Afghanistan and Iraq - Snuff footage of women being executed in Afghanistan:

The silence from NOW and so-called peace groups regarding this deliberate murder in the name of islam is deafening! Although, I am used to the silence from these groups.

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