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iPhone Ramblings

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As you may or may not know, I picked up the latest version of the iPhone a few days ago. Yes, it is a sweet gadget and will be even sweeter when I have it unlocked for video. Damn you, Steve Jobs!

I'm now in the process of manually importing all my contact information from my beloved Razr to the iPhone. An interesting task, as I am now faced with a plethora of forgotten numbers from my past; former best friends, ex-boyfriends, casual acquaintances, former coworkers, names I no longer recognize, the list just goes on.

It has been quite a walk down memory lane!

What does one do with these numbers? Do you delete them or continue to hold on to them? Okay, I'll admit some were a joy to delete. I am struck by how easy it is to lose contact with people that mattered to you at various times in your life. In an age of instant communication, we still can be so out of touch with people we invite into our lives.

On the upside is the a new crop of phone numbers to input reveal how blogging has shaped my circle of friends. The current time in Paris, California, Norfolk, and Colorado are now important pieces of information to add to the iphone.
Okay, enough with the rambling, and on to sorting out which numbers stay with me and which ones I'll leave behind.

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