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Hello....Anyone Listening???

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"I'm more interested in listening than doing a lot of talking," Obama enroute to his brief first encounter in Afghanistan.

Oh, really? Listening to whom, Mr. Obama?

A coalition of military support groups have invited Barack Obama and John McCain to participate at a town hall-type meeting in Belton, Texas on August 11. Belton is just down the road from Fort Hood, the Army’s largest post. The event organizers estimate that up to 800 of the service members who have lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan have come through Fort Hood.

The town hall meeting will be attended by 6,000 military family members, veterans and service members. McCain has agreed to participate, but Obama has declined citing a scheduling conflict. Managing Director of the event, Carissa Picard said, “I’m having extreme difficulty getting the Obama campaign to commit to this event, and we do not understand why. We made it very clear to them that if they would commit to the event, we would work with them on dates.”

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