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Got 'Cuil'?

Posted by Skye |

Will Cuil Kill Google?

Cuil is different. You feel it the moment you load the site. Instead of the standard white background you find on Google, Yahoo!, and the inner frame of Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Live Search, Cuil's backing is pitch black, as in Spinal Tap Smell the Glove "none more black" black. Unlike the growing number of options you find on established portals, all Cuil offers is the logo search box, above links to the site's privacy statement and about page.

The info page details the origin of the name -- Gaelic for "knowledge," supposedly -- and feature's Cuil's claim to have indexed three times as many pages as Google, and 10 times as many pages as Microsoft. Again, this won't be the lone barometer of success, but it certainly will help Cuil win media coverage and tire-kicking interest.

Search results are also delivered in a unique way. Since the website currently features no sponsored ads, Cuil can offer up results in several columns. If you thought IAC's (Nasdaq:
IACI) Ask.com brought something new to the table when it introduced landing-page thumbnails, Cuil rearranges the entire tabletop.

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