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CCPM Attack Machine

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The Director of the CCPM's in-kind contribution to the Obama campaign - offering free labor from her membership list:

I am writing to this list, not wearing my CCPM hat, but as Team Leader for the Chester County (Region 3/Central Chester County) Obama Campaign. Those of us committed to Barack Obama (as I have been, totally,since 2004) know that he holds the key to a better future for our country and for the world. However, from time to time I might feel that I need to write to everyone on this list to give you an opportunity to be part of the effort that I see as our best hope for peace and justice in this world. If you want to be a volunteer in the Obama campaign, e-mail: _mccain at aol.com_ (mailto:mccain at aol.com) - and I will give your name/phone/address/e-mail/municipality/preference for volunteer activities if you have preferences (please provide all) to our Volunteer, Canvassing, Office, and Phonebanking Coordinators

Interesting, the director of the Chester County Peace Movement openly displays her alliance to the Democrat party, yet attempts to use an alleged connection to the Republican party to smear members of the Victory Movement:

CCPM - Sat Jun 14 21:38:14 EDT 2008

On one of them you will see clear ties of our little Saturday "pro-war" group's alliance with the Republican Party. I have long maintained that their motive has absolutely nothing to do with "support the troops" or the crazy war . They have never shown once ounce of real concern about "our troops." Their whole political raison d'ĂȘtre has EVERYTHING to do with the Republican Party. (when you "google me," do a little "Where's Waldo?" and see if you can find the photos of 2 of that group at a recent Republican meeting of some sort -

CCPM-Sun Jun 15 12:04:00 EDT 2008

We will shine as much light as possible w/out appearing obsessed with them (as they are with us) - just perhaps "Reports on the Militarists" or something like that - I think we can counter this group by making sure all our people know exactly who they are. Periodically, I can issue an e-mail about "what this group is up to" - esp. focusing on any politcal connections.

Pretty strong words, one could say attack words, from this Obama Team Leader. What she doesn't "get" is that one of the two people she alludes to in the post above is a registered Democrat - see my sidebar profile.

In a letter to the Inquirer, our fearless 'Obama Team Leader' stokes the fires of racial division:

GOP attack machine

With regard to Barack Obama's opting out of public campaign financing (Letters, June 23): Do those of you who criticize him not "get it" that Obama is the first African American candidate who not only will win, but who will inevitably be the constant target of the Republican attack machine, which will use racism in every way possible to defeat him? Do you not get that? He will be up against the strongest attacks against any presidential candidate in history and needs every resource at his fingertips. Just what is it that you don't "get" about that?

Karen Porter
Team Leader
Chester County Obama Campaign
West Chester

We do 'get it', Karen. It is apparent that you will use every type of malicious attack and near libelous mis-characterization against anyone or organization that does not conform to your group-think mentality. 'Militarists Reports' - Is this a tactic picked up from the Obama Team Leader playbook, I wonder? What has been so elegantly illuminated with this letter and in your leadership of the CCPM is that you are a divider, not a peacemaker.

Raoul D. nails it:

In Letters June 25th, Obama Campaign Team Leader Karen Porter offers a defense of Barak Obama's breaking his promise to turn his back on 'Big Money' in this election. Porter repeatedly offered her opinion that America is fundamentally racist. Does Barak know he has a divider, not a uniter, speaking for his campaign in Chester County?

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