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Aerogarden Update

Posted by Skye |

As you can see in the photo above, I've ended the production of my bountiful herb garden.
In a few weeks, I plan to start a hydroponic vegetable garden with tomato's, green beans, and peppers. I'm already looking forward to homemade gazpacho!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the amount of fresh herbs I was able to grow and use in my everyday cooking. If I were to redo this herb garden, I would nix the Dill and add more Chives. I could not get enough of the Chives - they perked up EVERY recipie.

The low maintenace of this garden was another plus. The only metric I measured frequently was the water level in the bowl. The mature plants needed a water refill every other day; nutrient tabs were added when indicated by the display panel.My only con is that the aerogarden unit can only grow one type of plant at one time - no mixing of herbs and veggies. I need to purchase another aerogarden to keep my herbs blooming all year round, and use the second unit for vegetables and/or lettuce.

If you don't have one - go get one HERE.

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