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Salute to Melanie Morgan

Posted by Skye |

An inspiration to all the warrior women in the conservative movement:

In honor of her 14 years as one of the stars of Hot Talk 560 - KSFO, and a national pro-troop leader, supporters of Melanie Morgan will be conducting a "Salute to Melanie Morgan" event that will take place on Saturday, May 10th at the historic Fior d'Italia restaurant in San Francisco. The Fior d'Italia is America's oldest Italian restaurant and they serve up delicious offerings that will bring joy to the palette.

All proceeds from this event will go to Move America Forward - to fund our summer pro-troop push as we fight off the criticism, ridicule and attacks against the missions of our military men and women.

We ask all MAF supporters to make a donation to this fundraising drive even if you cannot attend the fundraiser - click here to donate

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