7:33 PM

In The SandBox

Posted by Skye |

I'd like to introduce my friend, Gunnery Sergeant Jonathan Jenkins. A Chester County resident who has recently arrived in Iraq for a seven month tour.

Jonathan is documenting his experience in the Sandbox at his blog : The Conservative Bog . Go ahead and leave him a note or two of encouragement!

Oh, and if you can, Jonathan is looking for a good pair of wool socks - Wool may soon be my best friend. Wool socks in the desert...go figure.

While you are sending good wishes to our troops - send some to a fellow blogger in the SandBox: LT Nixon Rants. Unlike Jonathan Jenkins, Lt. Nixon has not been fortunate enough to meet me in real life. However, I've determined him to be quite likable and he is heterosexual. So go ahead and send your notes of support to him!

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