The Censorship of Free Speech:

A student at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point is caught on camera ripping crosses out of the ground that were plotted by campus, pro-life activists. The incident occurred this past Thursday, May 1.

However you may stand on the topic of abortion, it is not the focus of this blog post. I'd like to share a video posted on Jason Mattera's blog Young America's Foundation which highlights a far more divisive problem in the United States than the topic of abortion.

12 seconds into the video the protagonist, Roderick King, states "In 1973 it was made a Constitutional right for a woman to have an abortion. It's not your don't have the right to challenge it."A few seconds later he states: "Do not put this [crosses] in front of all of is not your right"

Say what?? The same people who claim the Bush Administration has trampled over our Constitional rights are now dictating what constitutional rights can and cannot be challenged. Our country has been through a lot worse than having some patchouli-smelling 60's throwbacks and their wanna-be's declare everlasting hated of America and her Constitution. Remember their famous line: Dissent is Patriotic. Citizens should make it clear to them that violence and vandalism will automatically result in a net loss of support for whatever their 'lost' cause is.

He then continues on to accuse the campus cop of "arresting me
for expressing my freedom of speech.
" and proceeds to continue to vandalize the display.

Desecrating this display or any act of violence towards another individual, in my opinion, is not any kind of speech at all. In fact, it is the opposite: the end of speech, the end of debate, the end of principled opposition.

Those who do use vandalism or violence make it clear that there can be no compromise or argument with them. Once you think that knocking down crosses or slapping individuals will make your point, your argument is already lost. Frankly, if you can't express your point of view in words, it probably is not worth my time anyway.

Roderick King can be contacted at

The Chancellor of University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point can be contacted here.

It is time for you to exercise that 'freedom of speech' guaranteed by our Constitution - remember - dissent is patriotic...

H/T: LadySheepdog

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