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BSG 4 ~ The Road Less Traveled

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A possible truce with rebel Cylons leads Starbuck to put her trust in an old enemy.

Baltar is still working on the Jesus Christ Superstar persona, and one by one the newly revealed cyclons are falling for his shtick.

The good thing about Hulu is the ability to skip over the Baltar scenes and focus on the Captain Queeg/Starbuck storyline.

Yet another female character bites the (star)dust in this episode. She was a minor character, yet, she was the the only Marine with a name on this show. The Marines in this show are typically projected as faceless, nameless, brutal enforcers of colonial law.

I'm still not overly thrilled with this season. There is a distinct air of staleness in this final season. This series managed to attract a large cast of fabulously talented actors who meshed well together. Sadly, in this final season, the kinetic energy of the main cast is gone, simply disappeared, just like the story arc of this show. There were strong hints that this may be the case in the eternal hiatus between season 3 and 4. Two actors, whose characters were revealed to be newly minted cylons, publicly stated their dismay on the turn of their character in this series. Katie Sackhoff had made statements regarding her request for her character, Starbuck, to be killed again this season. For real, this time.

Still think the final cylon could be Dee, Zarek or Gaeta. What say you?

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