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West Chester Rally 04/12/08

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The women of the Chester County Victory Movement standing proudly with their flags , displaying signs of love & support for our troops.

A soldier on his way to Iraq decides to spend his last day in the States with our merry band. This action speaks volumes on how our soldiers really feel about the 'support' shown by the Chester County Peace Movement and their ilk.

Our 'Support The Troops' coin tradition carries on - Dee passes the coin to Bob in recognition of his creative talents in expressing his patriotism.

Attending our rally for the first time was Mary Lou's (Military Mom) husband, Harry. Welcome! We hope to see you at future rallies. Also, a CPAC attendee, Louanne, took time to stand with us in West Chester. Thank You! Your support means the world to us!!

At the conclusion of our rally, there is a moment which reveals what real PEACE looks like.

Our merry band of patriots come from a variety of religious backgrounds and walks of life. Every Saturday, on a corner in West Chester, a group of Christians, Atheists, Jews, and Catholics pause to pray to the God of their understanding without the fear of censorship or repression. On the corner filled with peacniks, members of the Covenant Fellowship Church attempting to pray were told by the peaceful folk - 'not here you're not'.

Happy group, no? If you are looking to spend time with individuals who lack empathy, joy and hope for the future....see the photo above.

Neocon raises the bar yet again with this stunning collection of photos from Saturday's rally! The have to be seen to be believed - go HERE, now!

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