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BSG Season 4 - Six of One

Posted by Skye |

Six of One:

There is trouble in the state of Denmark with the burgeoning civil war between the Cylon 'skin jobs' and the Cylon 'toasters'.

Kara is still ranting on the best way to get to Earth. President Roslin is not having any of it, and Papa Adama is out of patience with Kara's antics. Pointing a gun at the President is the quickest way to the brig and NOT to Earth.

Balter continues to behave as....Baltar (JC-S). The less said the better regarding this story line.

Kara and Lee say goodbye - and yet again demonstrate the volcanic chemistry between these two characters. Of course this means the writers must separate these two adorable characters for the remainder of the final season. SIGH...

Kara and crew are given the Demetrius to search for Earth and to get Kara away from President Roslin's cross hairs. The president has a penchant for throwing people out of the nearest airlock.

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