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Wenesday Troika

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Karen Heller, The Inq's resident expert on "ignorant, semi literate boob's" and cheesesteaks is feeling the after-effects of a political equivalent to a one night stand.

We're sad, not bitter, sad. Bereft, even. Hillary's left. Barack's departed. They've moved on.

We haven't.

The phone slumbers. The mail slot's liberated from the clot of political mailers. Our Outlook inbox is cleared of hourly missives.

The governor and mayor called nightly, never at 3 a.m., but nightly. "Bet it's Ed, again," we declared before lifting the receiver. Sure enough, it was.

In the final stages, the surrogates receded.

Barack, Hillary and the Big Dog phoned directly, as well they should. We
mattered, big time.

Now, where, oh where, is the love?

Yeah, love and politics can bite - big time. Despite these clanging chimes of doom, the writer finds a familiar theme to cling to in this dark time - BDS .

But when Pennsylvanians get angry and frustrated about the state of things, they don't cling to guns or religion.

They cling to their utter disgust with the Bush administration.

And so goes another notch in the political landscape of Pennsylvania. If this encounter left liberals blue, imagine how they will feel when McCain moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Jennifer Gallagher's
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Iraq War Veteran and Family Assaulted

Peace Protesters, College Professors and Hillary Supporters assault Iraqi War Veteran and Family while citizens do nothing to intervene. I am saddened, but not surprised, to read this account. My thoughts and prayers are with this family.

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