Our table at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference. It is safe to say we have the best looking display at this conference. The background mural was designed by Paul Eisemann and contains numerous messages of support for our troops. This 'Wall' of suport will be sent to our troops in the Middle East. During the conference we invited attendees to leave their own message to our troops. A million thanks to Bud and Jim for creating the two fabulous slide shows that were on our display table. Without the tech gear donated by Sean, we would not have been able to share these slideshows with the attendees - Thank You! The always magnificent NeoCon was so generous in printing a selection of photos from his collection for us to display in a montage. Mike, Jim - you guys made such a positive impression on the attendees - Thank You!!!!

Michelle Malkin Meets The Sheepdogs!

This year's Keynote Speaker, Michelle Malkin, stopped by to greet the Sheepdogs and to sign our "Wall". She is one of the most gracious bloggers I've met and is appreciative of our efforts in West Chester. Next year, I hoping the organizers invite John Hawkins to their keynote speaker (hint, hint!)

Michelle signs The Wall:

Lou Barletta signs The Wall:

More photos of Wall signers can be found HERE

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