And watch out for that young woman who smiles and acts like she's on neither side - as she films and now, I gather, and records our conversations. She has a blog where she damns us royally, using words from our conversations with each other.

Ccpeacemovement at Ccpeacemovement at Fri Oct 5 18:12:48 EDT 2007

After a delightful flurry of rational and insightful letters to the editor of the Daily Local; I surmised it was only a matter of time before the Director of the Chester County 'Peace' Movement belched out a rebuttal.

Today was the day.

With a letter filled with poorly constructed ad hominen attacks, she publicly revealed herself to be more of back alley bully than a 'peace' movement director. The reckless and unsubstantiated allegations of harassment, and a not-so-veiled threat of violence against a woman supporting the victory movement illuminates the 'peaceful' intentions of the Chester County 'peace' Movement Director.

I read with great amusement her description of a mature "young woman". Maturity is a word with multi-faceted meanings . When it comes to emotional maturity and intellectual maturity, the young woman is light-years ahead. However, the Director of the Chester County 'peace' movement shall always surpass the young woman in chronological maturity. As for the blog she mentions, yes, there are hateful words on this blog - and they are referenced from the newsletters of the Director of the Chester County 'peace' Movement. I encourage everyone to surf on the blog and take time to become 'educated' on the hate filled rhetoric from the Director of the Chester County 'peace' Movement.

My favorite part of this LTE was the following quote:

"Someone asked me why the Daily Local publishes such blatant lies, and I answered that the newspaper isn’t in the business of fact-checking all letters (obviously). It’s our job to do that, so I am."

Let us take a good look at a sampling of 'FACTS' presented by the Director of the Chester County 'peace' Movement in recent months. I would call upon the readers of the Daily Local to begin 'fact-checking' these statements from the Director of the CC'p'M October 14, 2007 newsletter:

These people were trained by someone in vicious taunting, in vile language, in cruel tactics. They are dogs on chains. My guess is that at least a couple of them - if, in fact they were ever in the military, and we cannot even believe that - have been trained in the military or elsewhere (Blackwater-type organizations?) in the most vile interrogation tactics.

* Infiltrators were the rule in the Vietnam War - infiltrators, instigators, trouble-makers, agents provacateur - think there's any difference today? The only difference is that technology makes it much easier for them today.

* They are TRAINED by someone.

* Are they paid? that's my guess - no proof, but I doubt they're doing this free.

* This country uses private mercenaries - jackbooted thugs - and has huge bases for them here in the U.S. for whatever the government wants to do TO us

I would love to see the evidence that persuaded the Director of the Chester County 'peace' Movement to distribute these statements as fact to her membership. One would like to believe that a woman of 'peace' would have truth on her side, and not have to resort to using misleading statements to plead her case.

As much as the Director of the Chester County 'peace' Movement crows about videos, she neglects to inform the reader of my own collection of videos from the past 8 months.

Below is a video montage responding to the Director's recent foray into projection:

Ccpeacemovement at Sat Apr 12 20:38:14 EDT 2008
I think the main thing was a feeling of safety that we had not felt in 6 long months under virtual siege. No yelling in our faces, no pushing and nudging, no nastiness, threats, names, curses.... just true peace.

Upon reading her LTE, one can only ask when has the Director of the 'peace' Movement ever produced evidence and not rhetoric? Is the public not entitled to this evidence and should simply accept her statements as completely factual? Fortunately, reasonable individuals who read the Daily Local can see this for what it is - empty rhetoric devoid of any shred of intellectual or moral honesty. After the deliberate provocation by a member of the 'peace' movement this past Saturday, one might consider the title of 'Director' to be just as empty.

I will close with an ironic twist to this saga: The Director of the Chester County 'peace' Movement had previously given her blessing to post her words...

By the way, evidently one of their groups has posted one of my e-mails at their website (thanks to one of you for tipping me off!). I see it as a great way to spread our word.
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Fri Oct 5 06:18:34 EDT 2007

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