2:32 PM

How Will McCain Address CPAC Conservatives?

Posted by Joshua P. Allem |

Michelle Malkin will be one of many conservatives at CPAC this week. She's posted these schedule highlights of conservative and/or Republican appearances and events. Many conservative bloggers will be there. HotAir.com will be there, Mary Katharine Ham, Atlas Shrugs and of course Midnight Blue's Skye. McCain is "scheduled" to appear at 3PM. I put scheduled in quotes because I can't imagine the Maverick allowing himself to be approached by strong conservatives like Michelle Malkin, Atlas Shrugs, and oh yes...Skye! They'd hammer him for sure! But others are suggesting that he has no choice but to appear. If he intends to win the general election in November, he's got to reach out to the conservative base. Without them, he doesn't stand a chance against Hillary or Obama. After 8 years of alienating conservatives on almost every issue and constantly boasting about how well he gets along with Democrats, what will he say tomorrow to the conservative base that would alleviate their appropriate and strongly passionate sense of betrayal? It's my bet, he won't even try. He'll probably continue to shoot the finger at the conservative base by not even showing up tomorrow. But I could be wrong. We'll see.

I wish Michelle could have been allowed to respond to Linda Chavez. People who continue to tout McCain as a Reagan conservative seem to have retrograde amnesia. The McCain we all knew and loved died in 2000. He was seduced by the dark side of the liberal party and it will forever dominate his destiny.

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