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CPAC Live Video Feed

Posted by Joshua P. Allem |

I found this live video feed of CPAC at C-SPAN. They're using Real Media Player to embed it on their site instead of Windows Media for some reason. You can make the image bigger, but then it gets blurry. Anyway, check it out. You just might see Skye walking around. In combination with C-SPAN, you should also check this FOX News Live Media Stream. They use Windows Media instead of Real Media.

UPDATE: Skye told me that Cheney received a warm reception. In his speech he defended the war on terror and defended waterboarding (without using the word waterboarding). He stressed the importance of national security although he didn't say anything about the borders. He did stress however, that the fact that their hasn't been another 9/11 is not an accident. Skye will have audio/video up shortly.

UPDATE: News just broke from several sources that Mitt's about to announce at CPAC that he's bowing out of the campaign.

UPDATE: Romney doesn't sound like a man who's about to concede.

UPDATE: There it goes...the Romney campaign. It's because of the war and the threat of the libs taking over the war that Romney feels it's more important to concede so that "someone else" can start their national campaign against the left. Skye said is was so sad. The emotions in the room were heavy.

UPDATE: Skye met Pamela "Atlas Shrugs" Geller.

UPDATE: McCain currently at the mic saying all the right things.

UPDATE: McCain brought up immigration and got an outcry of boos while he stood there grinning. Then when the booing stopped, he promoted a "secure the borders first" policy that made everyone happy.

UPDATE: Listening to McCain now, this is the good old McCain that I remember from pre-2000. Will it last or is this just a "suck it up at CPAC" speech?

UPDATE: O.K. McCain finished his speech. Here's the transcript.

UPDATE: Oh no. Now we have to hear from Ron Paul.

UPDATE: The live video feed has suspended for the day. Ron Paul was the last of the scheduled appearances. Skye should have audio/video up as soon as possible. Don't forget to join both of us live for a wrap-up of CPAC 2008: Day One.

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