Yowzaa, what a frakking cold day for a protest!

I have to give props to the fabulously talented photographer and writer, Neocon, for the photo posted above. You can view more of his photos HERE. Another talented photographer and writer has posted photos of our rally HERE. I am ever inspired by these two remarkable individuals.

Our turnout was energized with guests from NYC joining our ranks for the day. Every time, no matter how frakking cold, our merry band shows up with positive energy, great signs and hilarious costumes. The 60's shades and beret had me laughing, Bob! All of you deserve a round of applause for your consummate dedication and positive outlooks!

The uniform worn by this victory vigiler is an authentic replication of the Civil War Pennsylvania Regiment. He is holding a replica of the flag PA 27th regiment.

A typical scene above of pro victory vigilers standing peacefully alongside the opposition. This is the case 99.9% of the time at this rally. If it weren't for John denying everything and anything, it would have been a typically unremarkable rally.

Had fun with the post processing of the photo above, it is was altered to resemble an albumin technique in photography that was popular during the time of the Civil War. Now that was a time of intrepid photography that revolutionized how conflict was documented and reported.

The poster above truly speaks for itself.

After our victory rally, we adjourned to Iron Hill for some good food, good conversation, and good beer. Who do we meet at the table next to us...our VFP friends. The denial game continued when I jokingly turned around and let them know my funding source was picking up their tab. The gentleman pictured above in the maroon sweater asked who was John Grant? I told him it was the gentleman sitting 4 seats away from him.

As the VFP left the restaurant, passing by our table, John channeled the underground weathermen by stating there was a bomb under our table.

And so goes another chapter in the saga that is the West Chester Rally. Till next time folks!

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