With approval from the membership of Veterans For Peace, Chavez attempts to have FARC removed from terror watch lists.

Anyway, the Chavez blathers on:

The FARC and ELN are not terrorist groups; they are armies, real armies that occupy a space in Colombia. We have to acknowledge the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces and the National Liberation Army. They are insurgent forces that have a Bolivarian and political project that is respected here.

FART favors child soldiers, planting landmines and holding hundreds of hostages for political leverage and ransom as part of its four-decade-old terrorism campaign.

Not surprising at all, FARC began as a Marxist-inspired peasant terrorist group in the 1960s, and is now labeled a drug-trafficking terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union.

I can see why John Grant's best buddy Chavez adores these miscreants.

Another Chavez fearfully claims of assassination attempts, yet provided no proof of his parnoid ideation.

"In Bogota, there are American officials and Colombian military officials conspiring against Venezuela, conspiring to kill me, conspiring to start an armed conflict between Colombia and Venezuela," Chavez said during a visit to Nicaragua.

Wow, I encountered an eerily similar allegation in a recent dispatch from John Grant, Veteran for Peace: " I think it's fair to say, the Victory Vigil gang has political endorsement or support from above or nationally and that vigils like the one in West Chester are targets". Like his buddy Chavez, he has absolutely no proof of his paranoid ideation.

I look forward to publicly challenging John to produce his evidence or maybe I let them think I am funded...just to stoke the paranoia up a few notches with geriatric VFP membership.

H/T: This Ain't Hell

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