While I've been busy documenting the evolution of a one-man rally in West Chester, there have been other exciting protests going on in this great nation. A week long peace protest/blockade was recently held outside of Port Olympia Seattle, Wa.

A valiant patriot took to the stage when his attempt to videotape the assembled moonbattery was censored by the surrounding liberals. These people promote free speech, don't you know:

Love how the tolerant peace protesters attempted to block shipments from Port Olympia. These people 'support the troops', don't you know.

Note the blue signs distributed by FCNL (Friends Committe on National Legislation) - the largest 'peace' lobby in Washington, DC. This peace protest seems hardly the venue this quaker lobbying group would like to be associated with, yet these signs are littered all over these protests. The same signs can be found on display every Saturday in West Chester. Both sets of protesters embrace peace throught the tenets of the quaker religion, don't you know.

West Chester Peace Protester with FCNL sign:

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