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Friday Quick Bites

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Blog Crush: Hammering Sparks From The Anvil

A tour de force blog penned by the Wordsmith from Nantucket. One of my very first blogfriends. He has the cerebral intensity of Einstein, with the body of Lee 'Apollo' Adama. What more could a chick blogger want?

Letter from IVC (International Visitors Council): The world hates us thanks to Paris Hilton! And all this time I thought it was George Bush.

Reason # 4,589 why I love Senator Lieberman

Can We Redact Cuban? Sign the Petition.

Mark Cuban Has Given Money and Set Up a Charity To Help Wounded Vets.We applaud this. Yet, even though this may be true, it does not excuse what he is doing with the film "Redacted". In fact, he spent more on "Redacted" than he has given to aid the troops.

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