The Victory Vigil's are going well, both Rich and myself are working to make this grassroots effort a meaningful expression of support for our troops.

Every rally that I attend has a distinct vibe that develops over the course of the event. Last Saturday's rally was nicknamed the "Olive Branch" rally. Rich and myself greeted several of the peace protesters by name and we received warm greetings in return. During one of my video runs on the other side, a peace protester approached me and asked if I would take a picture of him and Rich Davis shaking hands. How could I refuse that request?? This is a great example of dialog!

Never in the history of protester vs protester have the two sides actually greeted each other by name. In previous protests I've attended, I've loudly called 'the other side' some colorful names - which had nothing to do with their given name - and they've returned with some interesting name-calling of their own. And so the protest went on with both sides yelling at each other and rattling a few signs before packing it up and heading home on the same train.

Today, I'm exchanging cake recipes with 'the other side'. Go figure.

Well, it was all sweetness and light until I walked up to Karen Porter and held out my hand in greeting. She simply turned her head and would not acknowledge my presence. Karen's supporter, standing next to her, could not shake my hand as he needed both hands to hold his sign wished me a warm 'Good Morning'. Karen spoke not a word.

Tell me again how Karen Porter is a leader in the peace movement? Is it really peace she is after or is she using this organization as a thinly disguised platform to bash America and anyone who supports her?

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