"Let's Roll" - Things were rolling today at the Courthouse. The Chester County Victory Movement took the Courthouse forcing the opposition to the diagonal corner across High St.

It took weeks for the opposition to figure out the use of video and still cameras at a rally. Today, they clicked their photos and shot their video, and I am looking forward to see what they captured. You can view my video of today's rally on YouTube tonight - I've captured a stunning revelation on film - it is a must see.

I want to take this opportunity to thank those of the Chester County Victory Movement that donated food items for the St. Agnes Food Bank. The folks at St. Agnes were pleasantly surprised by this generous gift from our group. In the few short weeks that I've worked with the supporters of this Rally, I've come to appreciate the depths of your love for this country and your unending spirit of generosity. Today, the city of West Chester shined a little brighter, thanks to your efforts.

For your pleasure and discussion, I present a short interview with one of the CCpeacemovement's members:

The following video shows the more typical 'dialog' with the members of the ccpeacemovement, United For Peace and Justice or any 'anti-whatever' group that attends these types of peace protests. Facts and reason need not apply.

My next video is a collection of scenes from this protest, including footage of an undercover law student/watchdog and the remarkable blogger J_G holding the steps of the Courthouse. The peace protesters were forced to redeploy to another corner across the street from the Courthouse. Yet again, there was not ONE American Flag in their midst and many were not locals.

Remember, they are the patriots because
dissent is patriotic.

The Daily Local News reporter, Justin McAneny, weighs in on Saturday's rally:


Several hundred protesters gathered in front of the the Chester
County Courthouse on Saturday to show their support for or against the war in Iraq. For the past five years, Karen Porter, director of the Chester County Peace Movement, has led protests against the war in Iraq.

A somewhat balanced review of the protest. I did discover one or three glaring ommissions by this reporter. He did not question the presence of the legal watchdogs or who had summoned them. Also, he missed the point of this rally altogether - we are here, not to convince Karen and her groupies of their wrongness regarding Iraq, but to add a counterpoint to the 5 year one-sided discussion of Iraq that has been played out weekly in West Chester. We support the troops and their mission, Karen and her ilk do not. Overlooked by the author was the generosity of these 'bikers' in donating canned good and money to the St. Agnes Soup Kitchen.


This reporter is young, but I made sure he had the link to MidnightBlue, so there is hope for him yet.

Barbara's beautiful photos of the day can be found HERE

Rich, the photographic maestro has posted his photos HERE

My photos can be viewed HERE
My videos can be viewed on
YouTube, LiveLeak, and QubeTV

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