It has been a hectic week for the supporters of the Chester County Victory Rally. There has been a huge amount of media interest in our cheerful Saturday meetup at the Chester County Courthouse. To keep my readers and lurkers up to date, I've compiled a list of our recent media notices.

Ed Mahon, Philadelphia Inquirer writer, penned the essay entitled:

Both sides get to have a corner on this Market - Antiwar and veterans groups in West Chester demonstrate they can coexist.

Justin McAneny, writing for The Daily Local, reported on the rally held on Saturday:

Protesters Gather in West Chester

Dan Hirschhorn, staff writer for the Evening Bulletin, remarks on the rally:

Dueling War Protests Take Over West Chester

Art Carey, journalist for the Inquirer, had this to say about the peace protesters and the Victory Rally:

Protest vs. protest boils in W. Chester

On 10/18/2007, Rich Davis talked about the Courthouse Rally on The Bill Bennet Radio Show.

After reading, Art Carey's article, Dom Giordano has asked Rich to be a guest on his program tonight - 10/18/2007.

Have I missed any??

Can you hear it....the growing drumbeat.

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