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Mr. SnuggleBunny

Posted by Skye |

I discovered this video via Guidons and The People's Cube

Watching the video, I recognized one of the silly moonbats featured in this video. It is the samee guy/girl that I spoke to during the March 17th Gathering of Eagles. I recognized him/her from a Zombie Time gallery and so Iwalked up to him/her and asked if he/she lived around Berkely and liked to protest in the nude.

Yes, I do these things.

He/She is the blonde, bearded and breasted one in this Zombie photo

Below is the photo I took of him/her at the March 17th GOE Rally.

What a small world....I wonder if he/she will show up for the September 15th GOE rally? This eccentric individual is quite affable in person, and why he/she supports a movement approved by radical islamists is beyond me. He/She would be the first to be beheaded under shar'ia law. My side is fighting to protect the lifestyle of this individual. What is their disconnect in understanding this simple principle?

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