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Garage Treasures

Posted by Skye |

You never know what you may find wrapped in a plastic bag and shoved into the back of a storage cabinet.

I'm in the process of reclaiming my garage from years of disuse in hopes of better managing the storage space and to use it as a studio for my Vlogging endeavors.

Going through the contents of a soon to be trashed storage cabinet, I discovered these newspaper timecapsules of Philadelphia history. The Philles Pennent win in 1980 and the last printing of the The Bulletin in 1982. I could not resist photographing the old Bulletin with its modern day reincarnation. It was a hoot to read a doom and gloom opinion piece about Reagan 2nd year as President. Let me share with you this quote from the article, written by Sandy Grady:

"Reagan's popularity is down in the polls. He stands lower than most modern Presidents at this stage. The recession lingers. Unemployment nears the deepest point since World War 2. And Reagan is drawing criticism from his hard-core conservative supporters. "

Replace Reagan's name with Bush and you have today's leading story in the New York Times. This is coming from an arguably conservative newspaper.

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