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Chester Rally - Part Two

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"First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi

Our pro-victory/pro-freedom rally made the front page of the Daily Local News! One quote from Karen Porter, director of the weekly protests in front of the Courthouse, stood out:

Porter said she does think that Davis “is a nice guy ... (but) the man that I saw speaking was not the man that I had spoken with before. “I was quite surprised by his speech,” Porter said, “all the name calling.”

Well, she would be the resident expert on name calling, as evidenced by Karen Porter herself in an email to her groupies after Saturday's protest:

Message: 1Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 17:00:09

EDTFrom: Ccpeacemovement@aol.com

Subject: [Peace] Thanks to all of you who came out to today's
vigil. My take on it.

To: peace@list s.wayreth.netMessage-ID: c31.1c24a0be.343016d9@aol.com

If Rich Davis, head of the counter-protestor group, contacts me (which I Figure he will) with a "How did it go?", here's what I've drafted, Which I'll Share with you now. I've been gracious and understanding, but I'm also No Doormat - so here goes: Scene: Lovely early autumn West Chester day. Our folks out with the Usual Signs. Peace troubadors playing and singing. Counter-protestors with Motor Cycles, leather-and-metal outfits and boots (picture Hell's Angels), Women-folk with very harsh mouths and hardened expressions, American Flags all over.

Imagine that, American Flags are upsetting to Karen - remember, she is the first to say she supports our troops. Women with harsh mouths and hardened expressions? Perhaps she confused some of her own membership with this description - examples of which I present below:

Even Karen herself could not muster a smile...

Conversely, the pro-victory side included smiling, well educated, and well groomed women.

Her email goes on to further insult those who dress and think differently from herself - is this Quaker way of acceptance? Oh wait - Karen is NOT a Quaker, she only usurps the mantle of Quaker for her weekly protests. What would Jesus say about Karen?

Yes, Rich, it was peaceful. But, no, it was not a pleasant experience. And, no, we will not be moved. I'm sorry, but some of the people there, whether they are "peaceful" Or not, Dressed up in costumes that only say, "I won't hurt you because those Cops Are here - but I would if I could." I felt like I was either at a Halloween party or in a Viagra Commercial with A bunch of old guys (were any of them from West Chester?) who just Can't Find any other way to express themselves. On one level, I felt sorry For them, That they feel compelled to put on a show like that in the streets of West Chester (which, trust me, strives for a very different ambience than That Display today). On another level, I found them repugnant and obnoxious, Not because Of their appearance so much, but because of their obvious hatred for us.

I believe the above paragraph covers all the "-isms" - Agism, Sexism, Classism. Have I missed any? Her next barrage uses bully tactics to further denigrate the citizens who stood in support of victory this past Saturday. She seemed to have selective sight when it came to the signs displayed by her own groupies. Although, Frakking for Peace isn't so much insulting as it is ridiculous:

The people you brought there today were rude and insulting - liketelling people in cars to whom we gave impeachment literature they should use it as toilet paper (over and over again). Several people who walked by asked me,"What's the freak show? Is this a circus, or what? Where did these thugs come from?" The word "thugs"crossed a lot of lips of passers-by today.

My favorite line of this email entailed her invoking Jesus in her malicious diatribe. Like, you know, Jesus was right behind Rich during his speech. Jesus was no fan of religious marketers - 'Then give to Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's - Luke 20:20-26. What I'd like to know, where was Jesus in this email????

Like, who are you - really? Where was Jesus in that

I believe it is time for Karen to give up the Ghandi quote, as she has become what Ghandi so passionately resisted. The public face of this organization is belied by the vicious back channel smear campaign waged upon Rich and his supporters - including a dog, by Karen and her group. Can we then extrapolate that their public support of the troops and for peace is a facade as well?

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