11:18 AM

Not In Our Name?

Posted by Skye |

America -- and the world -- has the right to know what was done in our name. Walter Shapiro - NY Times

A recently abandoned village riddled with explosives. Shallow graves filled with the remain of adults and beheaded children. Reporters in Baqubah chose to ignore the story.... Michael Yon has the story covered in his dispatch: Bless the Beasts and Children

This is the a side of the story of Iraq that the media is quick to disawow. They are committed to reporting what was 'done in our name' as long as it portrays the US soldiers in the most negative light. Reporting about al-queda's brand of justice administered to Iraqis who chose not to support them is counterproductive. This type of story makes the idea of saving the fledgling democracy of Iraq from the hands of sadistic terrorists palatable. This is most certainly NOT the scenario that Walter Shapiro and ilk have in mind when reporting 'what was done in our name'. Consider this: If stories, such as Bless the Beast and Children, were given equal time in the media - would the US congress have wasted time in passing a non-binding resolution on Iraq?

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