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Happy 4th!

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Happy 4th!

588 Troops Re-Enlist in Iraq on July 4th

Regardless of the tough conditions in Iraq for coalition forces, almost 600 U.S. troops opted to re-enlist on July 4 at Baghdad's Camp Victory.The U.S. military also said that 161 troops were naturalized as U.S. citizens in the ceremony, which took place at the Al Faw Palace."This morning we pay tribute to the American ideals we all hold so dear in several significant ways," Army Gen. David Petraeus said before administering the oath of enlistment.
Danny Dietz Memorial Sculpture Dedicated in CO.

The sculpture was unveiled today in Berry Park, Littleton, CO. The design of this sculpture had the local anti-war/ant-american yokels in a snit due to the figure holding a gun. Some went so far as to suggest a redesign the sculpture into a 'peace dove'.

Only in Colorado.

A fellow Eagle was present at the unveiling and took the follow photos of the memorial. You can view them at this link:

Danny Dietz Memorial

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