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If Not You, Then Who?

Posted by Skye |

Today I received an email from the organization Vets for Freedom detailing their grass root effort called '10 Weeks to Testimony'

Veterans from across the country will gather in DC this Tuesday, July 17th, in order to meet with a number of senators to discuss the importance of their support of the Iraq war strategy - better known as The Surge.

They are asking for the senators to consider these three commonsense approaches to victory in the War on Terror.

  1. General Petraeus deserves enough time to implement a winning counter-insurgency strategy in Iraq.
  2. Retreat means a failed state in Iraq and a safe haven for Al Qaeda to plan future attacks against America and her allies.
  3. Decisions about Iraq should be made by military commanders and generals on the ground-not politicians in Washington, DC.

This is a noble effort made by those who put everything on the line to protect our precious freedom. Ironically, they now have returned home from duty only to find their fight is not yet over. The only thing that's becoming clearer by the day is that America's main opponent in Iraq is really in Washington DC.

Those of us who support Winning in Iraq can reinforce this message by taking a few minutes out of your day tomorrow to contact your home state Senators to express your support of the Surge and the Vets on the Hill.

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